May 01, 2021

Welcome to my site. I plan on using this platform for sharing information about different things I have learned about, projects I am working on, and information on different passions of mine.

I have been writing blog posts for my employer, Software Design Partners (SDP), for a few years now. I have found blogging to be quite enjoyable. Normally, I write about software and business intelligence related material. On this site I will likely do some of that, but I also plan on sharing my thoughts on other things as well.

To start off with, this site itself is one of those projects. I usually fancy myself as a full-stack developer who is much more focused on middleware and backend. To challenge myself and to learn a little, I decided to build myself a site instead of using the standard WordPress type of blogging site.

Through my career as a programmer, I have mostly worked with Microsoft technologies. In my early years I mainly used Visual Basic, and then moved on to C#. I have been writing C# for several years at this point. Since that is the language that I am the most familiar with and I really wanted to learn some front-end development without too much of a learn curve, I decided to give Blazor a shot.

This site was originally written in .NET 5 using Blazor. To reduce the learning curve further, I added in Bootstrap since I have worked with it a little bit in the past as well. The whole focus of Blazor is to allow a person to write a web site without having to write a bunch of JavaScript. I am very impressed on how easy a lot of this was to pick up on. Microsoft has done a great job making it to where a backend developer can throw together a decent website fairly quickly.

With all that in mind, I will be the first to admit that I am not a UI/UX type of person. I usually leave that kind of stuff to the people who know what they are doing. As far as this site is concerned though, it is more of a playground for me to try new coding techniques and experiment with new things.

I hope you find something I share on here useful and join me on my journey of growing in the world of technology.

I don't have a comments section yet, so feel free to send me feedback on this blog.

Kevin Williams

Kevin is a data engineer and is the Business Intelligence Practice Lead at Software Design Partners specializing in data warehousing. He is a father, an occasional gamer, and lover of many different types of music.

The opinions expressed on this site are my own and may not represent my employer's view.
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I created a personal web site and blog to share the different things I have learned and personal projects I am working on.


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