June 03, 2023


I recently had a request to figure out a way to share a calendar from a team in Microsoft Teams. This calendar needed to be able to be edited by everyone in the team. Some users wanted the ability to view this calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

After some research I found a way to do this, but it took me going through multiple sites before finding the full list of commands needed to make this work. Naturally, I am using this site as a way to save this for later in case I need it again as well as share with anyone else who stumbles across this post.

It is worth noting this only works with Exchange Online.

Setup a Team in Microsoft Teams

I am not going to go very deep into this piece of the process as it is pretty straightforward. In Microsoft Teams, you will need to setup a team that will contain the people who have access to the calendar. This could be opened to everyone in your organization or just to a specific set of people.

Sharing the Calendar

In order to share the calendar you will need to use PowerShell. In this example I used PowerShell 7.3.4 through Microsoft Terminal. You will need to run PowerShell as an Administrator due to we will need to install a few things.

In order to share the calendar, you will need to connect to Exchange Online. Before we can do that, we need to install a module in PowerShell that will allow us to communicate with Exchange Online.

To do this we will run the following command to install the ExchangeOnlineManagement module.

PS C:\> Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement 

Once we have installed the ExchangeOnlineManagement module, we will need to establish a connection to Exchange Online. Microsoft has deprecated the old way of doing this with simple sign in. Now we need to connect with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Replace the "[email protected]" below with your user.

PS C:\> Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName "[email protected]" 

Your default browser should open to Microsoft's authentication page for you to enter your password.

Once you have authenticated, we are finally ready to share our calendar. In this example, our team we created in Microsoft Teams is called Marketing Team. We would use the following command to enable sharing the calendar.

PS C:\> Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Marketing Team" -HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled:$False 

Once I successfully ran the above command, I waited a few minutes and then restarted Outlook. Inside of Outlook, navigate to the Calendar tab. Under your account, you should see a group of calendars called Groups.

If you expand that group, you should now see your Team's calendar. If you are having issues running the commands above, you may need to change your execution policy. Use the command below to do that.

PS C:\> Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned 

Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Inside of Microsoft Teams, you are also able to add an app to your group called Channel Calendar. This will allow the team to see the calendar from side Teams as wel as add events such as meetings.

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